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100% Organic Rosehip Oil - Facial Dry Skin Moisturiser

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Rosa Canine Fruit Oil.* Nothing More. *100% organic
Organic Rosehip Oil Facial Skin Care (50ml)

 Quickly absorbed

 Suitable for Wrinkles and Fine Lines

 Suitable for use on pigmentation and sun spots

Mount Purious. Rosehip Oil is certified organic to COSMOS Organic standard - It is the highest quality Rosehip Oil in Europe.

Mount Purious. Rosehip Oil contains essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin C & B-Barotene which helps to rebuild the epidermal lipids, this prevents water loss, improves skin elasticity and keeps the skin well moisturised. It can be used around the eyes and month on fine lines and wrinkles to deeply moisturise the area and help retain water which will organically reduce the visible signs. 

Results: Well moisturised skin.

Grown in Chile 

Please Note - I do not promote my organic rosehip oil as a cure or treatment for skin pigmentation or sun spots. Because the ingredients are organic and chemical free they can be used on skin which is prone to pigmentation and sun spots to moisturise dry skin, and will leave the skin feeling better, however I can not make the claim that it is a cure or treatment.  

50ml - Lasts around 8 - 12 weeks / Use Within 12 months 

Why I Love Organic Rosehip Oil and Further Uses

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  • 5

    Posted by Susanna on 29th Mar 2015

    I've used a few rosehip oils in the past but this is definitely the best. Within days of using it, the condition of my skin has improved and it's more radiant. It's too early to notice if it's making any difference to any pigmentation but I'm very pleased with the product and the lovely effect it's had on my skin so far.

  • 5
    The Rosehip is amaaaazing

    Posted by Lucy (aged 21) on 27th Jan 2015

    The Rosehip is amaaaazing!!

  • 5
    Been using it almost two weeks now and it's been great.....

    Posted by Sharon on 27th Jan 2015

    Been using it almost two weeks now and it's been great and I will definitely be ordering more once this batch is used!! We have had some bitterly cold weather and the oils have kept my skin supple and dry patch free'.

  • 5
    Honestly, my skin looks and feels better!!

    Posted by Claire H on 16th Jan 2015

    I started using Mount Purious Rosehip skincare in replacement of my night-time moisturiser and can honestly say, my skin looks and feels better. It comes in a small bottle but I literally use two drops and massage it in. Having read the benefits of Rosehip, I have been looking for a good quality product at a reasonable price and have finally found one! Skin feels much healthier after a few days!

  • 5
    I’m totally in love with it...

    Posted by Amy on 19th Sep 2014

    I’m totally impressed Mount Purious Rosehip Wrinkle Repair. Every night I go to bed and put it on my wrinkles and the dry skin on my face… and I wake up with baby skin, I’m totally in love with it and it’s helped with my dark circles under my eyes too. Another plus - it lasts forever!!

  • 5
    I loved the smell of this product, it wasn't overpowering, just subtle

    Posted by Caroline on 12th Sep 2014

    I loved the smell of this product, it wasn't overpowering, just subtle. I used Mount Purious Rosehip Wrinkle Repair just before I went to bed. I have fine lines around my eyes but a very defined line in between my two eyebrows. I used a small amount as directed and went to sleep hoping for a miracle. Whilst the lines were still there when I woke up, my skin was visibly smoother. The delicate area under my eye felt softer, I kind of felt more awake! After using the product for a few nights I was pleased to notice the frown line between my eyebrows had almost gone. Yes it was still there, but looking in the mirror, I couldn't notice it as much - a reason not to frown! I really like this product. I don't have to use a lot so I know it's going to last a long time and I've definitely noticed my eye make up seems to sit better on my skin.

  • 5
    I love Mount Purious Rosehip Wrinkle Repair

    Posted by Melanie on 12th Sep 2014

    "I love Mount Purious Rosehip Wrinkle Repair! Within 1 week of using this I really noticed results. My skin felt smoother and wrinkles definitely looked finer after use."

  • 5
    I love this product..

    Posted by Trisha (50 going on 42!!) on 22nd Aug 2014

    Mount Purious Rosehip left my skin feeling soft and supple, the delicate areas around my eyes noticeably smoother and the best thing, the added confidence knowing 'it's all good'- no hidden nasties.