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About Mount Purious. Camellia Oil Skin & Hair Moisturiser

30th Jan 2015

Camellia Oil is a new addition to the Mount Purious. Skincare Range.

When we asked our customers what new products they would like to see, one of the most popular requests was for a product which is suitable for both hair and skin. 

We decided to add a Camellia Oil to the range to fulfill our customers requests.

Mount Purious. Camellia Oil Deep Moisturiser

Mount Purious. Camellia Oil Skin & Hair Moisturiser

Mount Purious. Camellia Oil has a composition of 90% unsaturated fats (omega 9) and vitamin E which provides excellent moisturisation for the hair. The most efficient way to use Mount Purious. Camellia Oil on the hair is to apply a little Camellia to a wooden comb and brush through damp hair. It effortlessly glides through the hair, detangling as it flows through the hair, whilst providing complete moisturisation.

Mount Purious. Camellia Oil also has beneficial properties on the skin which makes it ideal in providing both hair and skin moisturisation and nutrition. It contains organic skin rejuvenation properties to deeply moisturise scars and stretch marks to help encourage healthy skin, and has anti-fungal properties which helps the skin beat athletes foot or nail infections.

Like all the products in the range, Mount Purious. Camellia Oil Skin & Hair Moisturiser is 100% certified organic, cold pressed and unadulterated. Because we do not add preservatives, parabens or additives, and source our ingredients from certified organic farmers who refrain from pesticides and insecticides, Mount Purious. Camellia Oil is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, acne, eczema and rosacea.